[Remote Access App] AirDroid

There are plenty of utilities for using a remote application, such as, moving files between phone and computer, sending messages, etc.

Now, I'll present you an awesome tool, named AirDroid!

[Remote Access App] Remote Web Desktop

There are plenty of utilities for using a remote application, such as, moving files between phone and computer, sending messages, etc.

Today I'll present you an awesome tool, named Remote Web Desktop!

[Remote Access App] WebSharing

There are plenty of utilities for using a remote application, such as, moving files between phone and computer, sending messages, etc.

Today I'll present you an awesome tool, named WebSharing!

Grand Theft Auto III is out!

Grand Theft Auto III has been released!
The game is on Android Marketplace since December 15, 2011.
The game is avaliable to download for 3,85€ / 4,99$! 

Can you feel the nostalgia? 

App: Undelete Beta for Android

Undelete for Android is a small application that allows you to recover files on devices withroot privileges. Despite being a beta, it functions quite well.

Nowadays, smartphones can store a lot of information about our personal lives, professional, etc., but what can we do when we accidentally lose that information?

App: ROUTE 66 Maps + Navigation

With Follow Me™ augmented reality navigation, free 30-day worldwide navigation and lifetime free access to maps for over 100 countries.

For a limited time only, 66 is offering you the chance to try the premium Worldwide Navigation, Speed cameras and Traffic information free for 30 days.

Will the next Amazon's Smartphone run Android OS?

Amazon may be preparing to launch a smartphone with Android OS. 

Warranty is given by Chang and Kevin Mark Mahaney of Citigroup.

Best of Atari games now available for Android

Best Atari console games were released for devices with Android OS.
The games are now available for download on Android Market.

Long before appearing consoles such as PlayStation, xBox or Wii, the world was impressed with the Atari.

Gingerbread overtakes Froyo

Google's Android 2.3 Gingerbread has, finally, overtaken Android 2.2 Froyo and now it is the most used version of the operating system.

Almost a year since its launch, Gingerbread is now the version of Android that most users are on.

Iris App: No Speech Input

Hi everyone! 
Many people have complained that after installing the IRIS app, at the time of running this application they get the error saying "No Speech Input".

We already talked about this application on Android Online.

Android WallPapers - Part Two

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a huge collection of wallpapers, separated into two parts.

Let me know what are your favorites!

Android WallPapers - Part One

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a huge collection of wallpapers, separated into two parts.

Let me know what are your favorites!

What's New On Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Google and Samsung released a new video that talks about the new Galaxy Nexus and which features are present in the new Android 4.0 - Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android has evolved and now includes some new tricks and sophisticated social media integration, along with the hardware updates in the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Iris App: Siri for Android

Dexetra announced the IRIS, the SIRIS competitor to Android!
After Apple announced the new iPhone 4S, equipped with the innovative SIRI, which is apersonal assistant, was not long until other companies intends to develop a similar system for other mobile operating systems.

Android Humor

Today I bring you some funny things about the Android world!

If you find funny, I'll do it more often!
I hope you enjoy it =)

Run Android apps on your PC

Now it's possible to run Android Apps on your PC! BlueStacks program allows you to run Android applications on Windows. Alpha version of BlueStacks is now available for download.

Always been curious to try applications for Android OS on your PC? With BlueStacks you will be able to emulate and run Android applications on Windows.

Chrome For Android Next Week

Google will be ready to release the first Chrome version for Android with the release of Ice Cream Sandwich next week.

The desktop version of the browser is making big steps as well, adding pipelining support for yet another round of performance improvements as well as UI changes that now include a content settings tab and finishing touches for its profiles support.

Grand Theft Auto III for Android

Rockstar, the creator of one of the most successful video games, aims to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game and will release versions for Android and iOS.

Play 'GTA III' on your phone or tablet will be possible for millions of fans of the videogame. Rockstar, the company created one of the biggest hits of the consoles and PC, willcelebrate the 10th anniversary of the third version of the game.

gReader, a RSS reader for Android

In order to add on Android plataforms all the information of the sites you usually visit, it is useful to resort to RSS readers. 
For those unaware, the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) facilitates the distribution of content over the Internet (RSS feedsand allows you to collect that information from several sites (through applications), bringing you up to date.

Android Market blocked in China!

Android users in China are facing restrictions on access to Google's Android Market, and while this affects users in terms of choice, the giant Google has more to lose, as thismay lead the users to choose other platforms.

CyanogenMod 7.1 Released

The CyanogenMod project developers have announced the release of version 7.1 of their modified Android firmware. According to Android programmer and project founder Steve Kondik (AKA "Cyanogen"), the major update follows a long delay due to a number of issues, including problems with the automated build system. However, Kondik says that he hopes to "speed up our release process in the future".

FON - Internet Everywhere!

A smartphone and internet are two inseparable things.
Assuming that you have internet at home and at work, and you have no data plan with your provider, what happens when you need to access the Internet on the street?
I present you the solution: Fon - A world of free Wifi.

Let's Talk about Money!

Who has never loaned money?
Who has never borrowed money?
Who never forgotw here you spent the money?
Well, I have the solution for you!
In this article I will talk about applications where you can register your expenses and revenues.

Hotmail App for Android

Microsoft has released an official Hotmail application into the Android Market.
From the android market page you can read:
  Key features include:
- With push email get messages on your phone without delay
- Synced calendar and contacts
- View your folders in Hotmail, including sub folders
- Send pictures from your phone using Hotmail
- Supports multiple Hotmail accounts
- Send, receive and view attachments

Give it a try.

Anti – "Hacking" Tool for Android

Earlier this month, Itzhak, founder of Zimperium, announced the launch of a beta version for testing.
Anti or Android Network Toolkit is a super powerful tool to perform vulnerability tests in data networks.
Itzhak "Zuk" Abraham, founder of Tel-Aviv Zimperium said: "We wanted to create a penetration testing tool for the masses. This tool has the ability to perform advanced hacking and from a mobile device. "
Generally speaking, after running the tool, it scans the local network looking for other possible devices and open doors in them.

See more inside......

Nexus Prime Debut Delayed for Steve Jobs: New Rumor says Oct. 27 Launch

Google's Nexus Prime will not debut on Oct. 11, with the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event cancelled by the companies due to the passing of Steve Jobs.

Some more patience is needed till we get to taste the first bite of the Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Leak

Hot on the heels of a leaked video claiming to be Samsung's Nexus Prime, screenshots have surfaced alleging to be Ice Cream Sandwich, the next version of the Android operating system.

Watch the video inside...

Android Secret Codes

A few years ago it was common to introduce "secret codes" in the mobile phones that gave the user some hidden information about the equipment and also some codes were able to unlock the device.

I recently discovered that there are also "secret codes" for the Android platform. Let us know what they are and what they do.

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