Let's Talk about Money!

Who has never loaned money?
Who has never borrowed money?
Who never forgotw here you spent the money?
Well, I have the solution for you!
In this article I will talk about applications where you can register your expenses and revenues.Personally, I use the Wallet application.
It's simple and beautiful.
On android market page we can see its main features:

  • Basic features
Income and expenses records management
Accounts (eg. for personal/corporate finance)
Foreign currencies
Recurrent orders
Order templates
User friendly interface
  • Functionality
Multiple operations with records
Rich filtering possibilities
Statistics and charts by day, month, year…
Picture of the receipt (e.g. waranty purposes)
Reporting – PDF or CSV delivered to your email
Optional GPS localization – overview of your expenses on the map
Data Import via CSV from another software
Warranty tracking
Debt tracking
Shopping lists
  • Secure data storing
Backup or restore data via Wallet server (automatically or manually).
You will never loose your important data.
Transparent autentification against Google Account.
Your data are secured as same as your GMail data.
Communication with Wallet server in SSL mode (secure and encrypted transmissions between you and Wallet server)
Backup or restore data on SD card
  • Permissions explanation
- Your accounts - for authentification against Google Accounts (during server backup)
- Hardware controls - taking pictures of receipts
- Your location - if user enable it, app is able to store position within record
- Network communication - used for server backup
- Storage - used for SD card backup
- System tools - important for continuous server/sd card backup

Another interesting application is Droid Wallet!
Lets find out what they say on market.

Keep track of where you spend and how you earn your money!!
Droid Wallet is a Money Manager app that lets you track all of your expenses and income to see what kind of budget you have for extra spending!
-Manage your expenses and income in separate lists!
-View expenses/incomes by transaction type or date!
-Categorize your expenses and income!
-Edit, Create, and Delete Categories!
-Organize Categories in any order your want!
-Easily repeat transactions!
-Supports multiple Currencies!
-Backup your information, and export data to CSV spreadsheets.
-New Look!!
-Password (PIN) Protection!
-Create a budget for any expense category, and monitor if you are staying within or going over your own budget!
Budgets can be set up to be weekly, every two weeks, every four weeks, monthly, bi-monthly, or every two months.

You can find more Wallet applicattions here

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