Run Android apps on your PC

Now it's possible to run Android Apps on your PC! BlueStacks program allows you to run Android applications on Windows. Alpha version of BlueStacks is now available for download.

Always been curious to try applications for Android OS on your PC? With BlueStacks you will be able to emulate and run Android applications on Windows.

The BlueStacks, still in Alpha, already has 10 pre-installed applications and also allows the installation of 26 more applications, which can be synchronized with your Android smartphone or tablet by installing a synchronizer available in Android Market website.

Several witnesses on the Internet tell us that the application BlueStacks is simple and efficient, you can use it in fullscreen. As applications run on virtual memory there is no performance loss. The only problem pointed out by users was the lack of a touchscreen to control the application.

Rosen Sharma, president and CEO of the company that made the BlueStacks says it plans to expand the program for Mac OS X and make even a premium version, with popular games like Angry Birds, and also let you add an unlimited number of apps.

You can download this tool here!


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