Android Market blocked in China!

Android users in China are facing restrictions on access to Google's Android Market, and while this affects users in terms of choice, the giant Google has more to lose, as thismay lead the users to choose other platforms.

On Monday, China began blocking access to Google applications market in its territory.Without any justification, the Beijing government closed the connection with the service, leaving users without access via website or mobile devices - such as tablets and smartphones. Sites such as "Blocked in China" and the "Great Firewall of China" confirm the block of the official address of the Android Market accusing a communication failure.

This is not the first time the Chinese government takes a similar attitude. In 2009, the country also closed its doors for the Google programs, which caused discontent andprotest among the owners of devices with the company's operating system.

To ensure that citizens do not run out of applications, the country maintains its ownseveral virtual stores, where programs are offered for free to users. The point is that the material available in these environments do not always show the same level of quality or variety of the original service.

Interestingly, the blockage happens at the same time that the search giant begins toannounce his intention to help the Dalai Lama to make a "virtual tour" to South Africa -the Dalai Lama advocates autonomy for Tibet in Beijing. China is also blocking access to Google + network, along with sites like Facebook and Twitter. The censorship ofexternal content is a common practice in the region, serving as a way to isolate the population and prevent the coordination of anti-government protests.


  1. jajaja, I feel sorry for the chinese people, I hope they can buy again so soon in the market :)

  2. Haha .... LoL ... Cleaver decision :/