Anti – "Hacking" Tool for Android

Earlier this month, Itzhak, founder of Zimperium, announced the launch of a beta version for testing.
Anti or Android Network Toolkit is a super powerful tool to perform vulnerability tests in data networks.
Itzhak "Zuk" Abraham, founder of Tel-Aviv Zimperium said: "We wanted to create a penetration testing tool for the masses. This tool has the ability to perform advanced hacking and from a mobile device. "
Generally speaking, after running the tool, it scans the local network looking for other possible devices and open doors in them.

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Main features:
  • Scan - Ability to perform scans the network for other devices;
  • Spy - Allows "sniffing" network traffic and capture images, passwords, links, etc.;
  • D.O.S. - allows you to perform Denial of Service;
  • Replace images - Ability to change all images passed on the network, replacing them by the application logo;
  • M.I.T.M. - Allows you to launch attacks Man In The Middle;
  • Report - Provision of reports of detected vulnerabilities.