[Remote Access App] WebSharing

There are plenty of utilities for using a remote application, such as, moving files between phone and computer, sending messages, etc.

Today I'll present you an awesome tool, named WebSharing!

WebSharing is Android application that allows you to transfer files, music and photo between your smartphone and your computer, using a web browser. It can make your life easier whenever you want to play and manage music, view photos, or manage files through your wireless network.

Its use is very simple. You just need a wireless connection, start the application and press Start.
At this point, the result should be similar to above image.
Now, just type the url (shown on the app) into your computer's web browser.

Enter the password shown, as well, in the app.
Thats it, you can start taking advantage of the features of the application.

On its market page, one can read:
Transfer and view files, music, photos, and videos from your phone over Wi-Fi.
Transfer files over Wi-Fi between your phone and computer.
* Bulk upload/download: transfer entire folders/albums
* Stream music to computers
* View photos/videos
* WebDAV Server (Beta feature: must enable in settings)

Download this App:

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