[Remote Access App] Remote Web Desktop

There are plenty of utilities for using a remote application, such as, moving files between phone and computer, sending messages, etc.

Today I'll present you an awesome tool, named Remote Web Desktop!

Just like WebSharing (see this review), Remote Web Desktop is Android application that allows you to transfer files, music and photo between your smartphone and your computer. It can make your life easier whenever you want to play and manage music, view photos, or manage files through your wireless network.
It also allows you to send and read messages, use your phone's camera as a webcam or even do remote calls.
Remote Web Desktop present us an simple interface, similar to Windows OS.

Here is a video showing some features:

On its market page, one can read:
Remote manage & control your phone in browser, desktop SMS, webcam, file sync...
The best web desktop for Android phones. It provides the easiest way to remotely manage & control your phone through desktop web browser without the USB data cable. Including wireless files & folders transfer, desktop SMS, webcam, screen capture, contact manager, cloud clipboard, remote keyboard, wallpaper, APK installer, etc. Totally support all 3G/WiFi/USB connections.
★ Features
✔ Desktop SMS: send, read and manage messages from desktop browser. Support long SMS, mass-messages and fake SMS.
✔ File Explorer: manage SD card files and transfer files between phone and computer. Support multiple upload by drag-and-drop (for HTML 5 browser), image viewer, Media Player, etc.
✔ FTP Server: provide a high speed channel to transfer files between phone and computer, enable you to manage sdcard files in Windows File Explorer, browser or FTP client.
✔ Remote Control (Rooted required): remote view and control your android within your computer. Including mouse & keyboard emulation.
✔ WiFi Keyboard: allow you to type on your phone using your computer's keyboard.
✔ Webcam (For 2.2+): turns your phone into a wireless camera, view your camera with web browser. Support both front face camera and back camera.
✔ Screen Capture: capture phone screen from web (for rooted phone)
✔ Contact Manager (for 2.0+): add/edit/view phone contacts, support contact group manage.
✔ Remote Call: Make a call from desktop
✔ Shared Clipboard: share clipboard text between PC and phone.
✔ Wallpaper Utils: set phone wallpaper by upload a picture or online picture.
✔ APK Web Installer: backup apps to SD card, and install APK through File Explorer of web desktop.
✔ Personal Web Server: serve your personal web pages on your phone.
✔ SSL HTTP: provide 512, 1024 bits RSA encrypt
✔ Network Bridge: the only one web desktop that support all ineternet connections (2G/3G/WiFi), even you don't have a public IP, you can access your phone at any place.
✔ Many new features are coming soon.
How it works:

Its use is very simple. You just need a wireless connection, start the application and press Start.
At this point, the result should be similar to above image.
Now, just type the url (shown on the app) into your computer's web browser.
If it is the case, enter the password that you defined in the app.
Thats it, you can start taking advantage of the features of the application.

Download this App:

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