Best of Atari games now available for Android

Best Atari console games were released for devices with Android OS.
The games are now available for download on Android Market.

Long before appearing consoles such as PlayStation, xBox or Wii, the world was impressed with the Atari.

 For those who do not know what is the Atari, it was the creator of the Atari 2600 popular in the 70 and 80 and released games such as Pong or Asteroids.

Over the years, Atari games have been adapted for other consoles, continuing its huge success. Now these games will continue to be adapted, this time for devices with Android operating system.

In total, 100 old Atari games were released to Android and are on sale now. Each game package costs $ 0.99, about 0.73 euros, and 100 games cost $ 10, about 7.3 euros and can be downloaded from the Android Market website.


On Android Market we can read the following description:
Download this App to receive Missile Command for FREE!When you download this app, you’ll get Missile Command for FREE! Other game packs are available for $0.99, or you can get all 100 games for $9.99!
Relive the Golden Age of Gaming with a collection of the most popular retro games from the 70s and 80s. This extensive catalog pays homage to each of the originals, with controls designed to mimic what Atari fans remember from 30 years ago! For those who love the classic gaming experience, this handheld breakthrough is sure to guarantee hours of fun.
“Atari's Greatest Hits is absolutely one of the very best buys in the App Store.” – TouchArcade
"Overall, the scope of Atari's Greatest Hits is amazing. It’s certainly the best emulator on the App Store for content and presentation.” – AppGamer
"Atari's Greatest Hits features a mesmerizing amount of nostalgia in one app.” – CNet
• Get Missile Command for FREE!
• Access to 100 classic Atari 2600 and arcade games including ASTEROIDS and CENTIPEDE
• Original cabinet and box art
• Multiplayer coming soon
Buy additional games in 2 unique ways:
1. 25 separate packs available for download at $0.99
2. Buy all 100 games for a discounted price of $9.99 (basically the price of a movie ticket)
Play anywhere, anytime!
Asteroids PK
2.Asteroids Deluxe
3.Asteroids 2600
4.Canyon Bomber – MP
Battlezone PK
2.Red Baron
3.Air-Sea Battle – MP
4.Submarine Commander
Centipede PK
3.Centipede 2600
4.Millipede 2600
Black Widow PK
1.Black Widow
2.Space Duel – MP
3.Desert Falcon
4.Space War
Crystal Castles PK
1.Crystal Castles
2.Crystal Castles 2600
3.Surround – MP
4.Maze Craze
Gravitar PK
2.Gravitar 2600
3.Radar Lock
4.Demons to Diamonds – MP
Star Raiders PK
1.Star Raiders
3.Star Ship – MP
4.Human Cannonball
Pong PK
2.Pong – MP
3.Missile Command 2600
4.Fun with Numbers
5.Flag Capture MP
Lunar Lander PK
1.Lunar Lander
2.Sky Diver MP
3.Video Pinball
4.Code Breaker
Super Breakout PK
1.Super Breakout
2.Breakout MP
4.Circus Atari MP
Tempest PK
2.Tempest 2600
4.Atari Video Cube
Major Havoc PK
1.Major Havoc
2.Secret Quest
4.Yars’ Revenge
Warlords PK
1.Warlords MP
2.Warlords 2600
3.Combat MP
4.Combat 2 MP
Adventure PK
2.Haunted House
3.Return to Haunted House
4.Save Mary
3D Tic-Tac-Toe PK
1.3D Tic-Tac-Toe
2.A Game of Concentration
4.Brain Games
Fatal Run PK
1.Fatal Run
2.Dodge ‘Em
3.Night Driver
4.Street Racer – MP
Quadrun PK
2.Slot Racers – MP
3.Stellar Track
4.Math Grand Prix
Casino PK
1.Casino MP
2.Slot Machine
3.Video Checkers
4.Video Chess
Swordquest PK
1.Swordquest Earthworld
2.Swordquest Fireworld
3.Swordquest Waterworld
Championship Soccer PK
1.Championship Soccer MP
3.Double Dunk
Football PK
1.Football MP
2.Home Run
3.Miniature Golf
Realsports Basketball PK
1.Realsports Basketball mp
2.Realsports Boxing mp
3.Realsports Tennis mp
4.Realsports Baseball mp
Realsports Football PK
1.Realsports Football mp
2.Realsports Soccer mp
3.Realsports Volleyball mp
4.Video Olympics MP
Super Breakout 2600
1.Super Breakout 2600
2.Battlezone 2600
3.Super Baseball
4.Super Football
Hangman PK
2.Black Jack

If you’ve read this far down, you should obviously buy the $9.99 option because you are a die-hard Atari fan and we love you for it!


  1. wpw-- arcade games of my youth, where worth about 5,000-10,000$ at their time and now all those arcades ported over to a new android device... makes youw onder what the future will hold crysis in a phone by 2040 :O?