CyanogenMod 10 Announced

CyanogenMod Team announces the CyanogenMod 10 based on Android Jelly Bean!

The CyanogenMod team announced that the next version of its popular Android ROM, will be based on the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and will be named as CyanogenMod 10.

On the official Google+ page one ca read:
Essentially, if your device met our criteria for CM9 (512mb RAM, etc) and is already supported, then you should be in line for CM10. There may be some added headaches around hwcomposer, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get source.
 About the current work, they say that:
Our goal is to release a stable CM 9.0.0 (and any needed .1’s). After that, we will work on CM7 and CM10 only. As stated above, CM9 devices are highly likely to get CM10, so maintaining a separate class of devices for CM9 only is inefficient. 

As usual, it was not given any date for the launch of CyanogenMod 10.
Although that the source code of Android 4.1 is not yet available, it will be only a matter of time until the CM10 version comes out.

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  1. Nice news for my Xperia Arc.. Hope it runs smother then the actual ICS..